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Josip Belina, Data Driven Marketing

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My therapist tells me I need a hobby…

So, I told her I am going to start an email newsletter where I dissect high-converting advertising funnels and uncover what makes them so damn effective.

She tells me that’s not what she meant. I said fuck it, I am doing it anyway.

Pretty dang exciting, right? I think so because you know what? I am a curious bastard.

And when I see an ad that makes me lean in, keep reading, want to know more, and then reach for my wallet.... my stomach gets that tickly feeling like it's full of butterflies.

So, here’s the deal - every month, I scour Facebook, Youtube, and anywhere else decent advertisements are wooing customers.

I study the best ads I can find. I figure out what makes them effective. I click on them. I visit their landing pages. I opt-in to their email lists. Heck - sometimes I even buy their offers.

And that’s how Full Funnel Nudity was born!

Next, I turn all this research into detailed advertising breakdowns complete with screenshots, and crib notes. 

Then, you know what I do?

I send those breakdowns to my newsletter subscribers. By following along with my monthly ad breakdowns you’ll see which ads are moving the market and why.

You’ll absorb their techniques. And…

You'll get simple tips that will transform the success of all your marketing material - not just your ads!

The best part is… to gain all access to my ad breakdowns, you don’t have to do squat, except be on my newsletter list.

That’s right! It’s as if I was doing your homework for you but don't even have to threaten to give me swirly or tape me to a flagpole. (All the benefits without any of the bully-guilt!)

Plus, I am going to publish my ad breakdowns with or without you. 

So, you can either come along for the ride or miss out…

It’s your choice.

But before you decide, think about this...

You're probably subscribed to at least one lame-ass email list where all you hear about is how great some faceless brand is.

You don't need that crap! Kick that selfish inbox invader to the curb...

And instead, add me - the helpful newsletter buddy who shows you how the best advertisers in the business are turning clicks into cash!

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