One of the fastest ways to achieve impressive results, in any field, is to model success. Yes, I am paraphrasing Tony Robbins. Yes, it’s trite. Yet, it’s still true…

…Especially when it comes to advertising.

If you want to start creating ads that deliver wallet bulging results… The quickest route to success is to emulate other successful advertisers.

Hunt down their ads, dissect their funnels, figure out what makes their advertising special. And take notes on how you can apply what you learn to your advertising.

Now, if you’re a business owner or marketing manager… spending hours surfing Facebook, Google, or YouTube looking for amazing ads is probably the last thing you have time to do.

Also, there is a difference between simply studying great advertising and understanding what makes it great.

I remember when I first started studying copywriting. It was easy to see that the best copy was better than the rest. But it was difficult to understand why it was better.

With that in mind… I am going to show you how to discover high-quality ads without even logging into Facebook. 

I am also going to share how you can quickly analyze those ads so that you KNOW why they work so well… and you can apply what you learn to your advertising… with just a few minutes of effort.

Welcome to Full Funnel Nudity!

Starting today, on this blog, I am going to routinely share some of the best ads I find with you.

Not only that, but I am going to break down every part of the system that makes these ads effective. From the ad copy and creative… to the landing pages… to the email marketing that supports the advertising.

By following along with these detailed breakdowns, you’ll learn the latest advertising strategies and tactics that are winning over customers. Also, by simply reviewing my breakdowns, you’ll be able to gain unique, REAL-WORLD advertising knowledge you won't find anywhere else.

You can think of the Full Funnel Nudity as your ready-made swipe file… complete with crib notes.

BTW: if you happen to see an ad you love, but you don’t have time to dissect it, send it my way. You’ll help indulge my curiosity, feed my addiction, and benefit from my obsessive desire to understand how great ads convert.

The Full Funnel Nudity Advertising Breakdown – Edition #1 

A few quick notes about this ad before we dive into our breakdown.

The ad we are going to review popped up my newsfeed a few days ago. I had never heard of this product or visited the advertiser's website before. They targeted me cold.

The ad has been running since March 7th. A few months of circulation is an eternity compared to most Facebook Ads. So it's fair to assume this ad is performing well.

An Ad of few words

One of the unique benefits of advertising on the Facebook newsfeed is you can be verbose or brief with your ad copy.

Yet, with that flexibility … how do you know how much copy you should use in your ad? 

The answer…

… As much as it takes to hook your target audience.   

And the ad we’re going to examine today pulled this off using just three brilliantly crafted words.

Nuerohacker Collective

You read my mind

Three simple words that expertly capture the primary benefit this product has to offer.

The savvy advertiser who wrote this copy knew exactly how to connect with their target audience's primary needs. And they did it with just a few words. Impressive! Maybe they were taking their own product?

For the ad headline, they led with a discount. Discounts work great for retargeting and warm audiences. But their appeal is usually lost on cold audiences. 

Nuerohacker collectiive
Sub Headline

As an "unaware" potential customer, the discount seems a bit premature. However, the ad uses the "Learn More" call-to-action, as opposed to "Shop Now." So it isn't overly pushy. And in my experience, when you have an engaged user, discounts work.

In the description, the key word is "different." I have used the word "different" as the lead in some of my better-performing ads. It's a word that can build curiosity and intrigue. So file this phrase away as a potential Facebook Ads power word.

How to make product images that stop the scroll

What works great in this ad is how they use the creative to back up their bold claim.

Stand-alone product images are usually pretty boring. Also, product images look like ads, which means they don’t often stop the scroll.

Yet, this ad uses a simple trick to make thier creative more engaging. They turned a bland product image into a video clip that calls out the benefits the product will deliver.

By clearly showing how the product can change my life, the image makes a boring old pill bottle seem desirable.

This is an excellent example of how to simplify creating video for your ads.

Grab a product shot. Put it in motion. And call out the immediate benefits your product will deliver to your potential customer. (Just about any graphics expert on Fivver can put together a video like this for you.)

On Target

While I can’t look inside this advertiser’s account and find out for sure… here’s why I suspect I was targeted with this ad.

More than likely, I was in an audience cross-section of interests in productivity and entrepreneurship. Or I was part of a lookalike audience. Either way, the ad copy is well crafted to engage my buyer persona.

A bumpy landing

I was really excited to check out this advertiser’s landing page. Unfortunately, the ad linked to a “Shop Now” page, featuring multiple product options.

A bumpy landing page

While I don’t know the conversion rate of this landing page, I would say this is a mistake. The ad piqued my interest with an offer for a product that can increase my productivity. Yet the landing page wants me to spend time shopping?

Why would busy people who are interested in productivity want to go shopping?

A better play here would be to direct me to a single product landing page with an opportunity to buy ONLY the product featured in the ad.

A one product landing page = fewer decisions = less confusion =more satisfaction = more conversions. 

Save the sale

Despite the landing page experience, this advertiser kept me on the hook with their exit-intent offer…

… Which goes to show why exit intent opt-ins are so important.

These simple pop-ups can help you re-engage to 20% or more of the visitors who would have left your page… and get another chance to sell them.

Save the sale

In this case, they offered two options. Get your 50% off now, or save it for later.

I opted for the “50% off now,” to so see what would happen.

Unfortunately, the “immediate” discount is delivered via email, not on the site. To me, this smells like an opportunity for improvement. I suspect that linking the “right now” discount to a checkout page (instead of delivering it via email) could add a nice little bump to this advertiser’s conversion rates.  

Email technique matters (A Lot!)

When it comes to email support of advertising, there are two crucial things to keep in mind. 1) Make sure you do it. 2) Your technique matters.

Neurohacker delivered their discount via email as promised. But their message was more like an add than an email. It was mostly images, which is fine. Yet, as a potential new customer, the copy didn’t point me in the right direction. 

Their email also offered me multiple product options. And it was hard to determine which product was the one that initially captured my interest.

As a customer, at this point, I’d be tempted to write this brand off.

So what could they have done instead to win my business?

Send me a personalized welcome email, instead of a message that looked like an ad.

Remind me of the specific product I was looking at and explain the benefits in a little more depth.

Make it dead simple to redeem the 50% discount for the product I showed interest in – One CTA, one link!

Neurohacker collective

Key Takeaways

  • Try distilling your product down to its most direct and powerful benefit. And feature that benefit in your ad copy. -“Optimized Mental performance” – brilliant… literally!
  • Liven up boring product photos by using text to call out desirable benefits
  • Test turning your product photos into videos using some simple motion graphics
  • Exit-intent opt-ins can help you save the sale
  • Use email to support your advertising. But don’t treat people’s inbox like a highway billboard. Email is a personal medium. Try to personalize your email messaging as much as you can.
  • Don’t overwhelm potential new customers with too many options. They clicked through on your Facebook Ad. Don’t make them think. Just show them more of what they want.
  • The same goes for emailing new subscribers. One CTA, One Link.

Overall, Neurohacker Collective’s ad is a great example of simple, yet superb copy and great targeting. Their advertising made me more aware and more interested in their products. 

What to do next

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Want to chime in?

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