If you’re an eCommerce merchant… and you run retargeting ads… then you’re going to want to pay attention to today’s breakdown…

...Because today’s critique is going to show you a brand that’s doing things the RIGHT way.

  • Stand out ad Check!
  • Solid landing page - Check!
  • Exit intent opt-in - Check!
  • Email marketing support - Check!

Follow along as we take a look inside the Facebook Ads funnel of workout apparel pioneer… Ten Thousand.

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Top-Notch Retargeting by Ten Thousand

Last week, a new client of mine sent me a list of brands that inspire them.

On that list were a handful of brands I had never heard of before.

But one of these brands above all others caught my eye.

Ten Thousand didn’t catch my attention because I am a gym rat or workout freak.

(Truth be told, I canceled my gym membership a couple of months into the pandemic… and I’ve never felt better!)

Ten Thousand caught my eye because they have something very few other eCommerce merchants do.

Compelling product pages!

What makes their product pages interesting and enticing?

Well… that’s for another post.

But the cool thing was, studying Ten Thousand led to a double whammy of effective marketing bliss.

You see, when I logged in to Facebook a bit later to binge out on Fail Army videos research ads…

.., Low and Behold if Ten Thousand didn’t retarget me! (I must be one of the few soles on the face of the earth who gets pumped about being retargeted).

And not only did they hit me with a visually compelling pic... Abs and flexibility. The holy grail of fitness that I’ll never achieve.

Ten Thousand - All New Solar FB Ad

They also won me over with a nice bit of simple yet click-worthy copy.

I’ll point out a few of the choice words they use to intrigue their audience.

“LIMITED EDITION...” hints that this beautiful pair of bright yellow workout briefs might only be available for a short period of time.

Ten Thousand - All New Solar FB Ad

“It’s never been easier to add some boldness to your kit...” - timeliness... after all who doesn’t want to get after their new year’s fitness resolution while feeling all bright shiny and fresh.

“All New...'' New is a proven ad buzzword. A study of over 10,000 of Facebook’s top advertisers revealed “new” is the most common word used in ad copy.

“Free Shipping and Returns...” Removing objections in the ad copy - excellent!

“8,000 Fiv…” it Looks like their social “review” proof got cut off by the ad format. But It still works. Another seed of interest planted.

All right, so this ad is a solid piece of timely retargeting.

But what about the landing page?

Well, that didn’t disappoint either.

Normally, it’s smart to adhere to the one-product-per-ad-landing-page-rule. You want to keep your prospect’s attention focused on the offer that drew their click.

However, in this case, the products showcased are all very similar and conform to the specificity of the offer in the ad. So it seems to work.

Yet, I am willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that linking this ad to a one-product landing page will convert better... (if for no other reason than it cuts down the number of clicks to check out.)

I already bragged up the structure of Ten Thousand’s product pages. So let's move on to the next effective cog in thier ad funnel.

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What do smart advertisers do when you’re on their landing page... but your fingers get fidgety and start to stray toward the back button on your browser?

They hit you with an irresistible offer using an exit-intent email capture!

And, that’s exactly what Ten Thousand does.

Ten Thousand - Exit Intent

They are not going to let you surf your way back to Facebook without passing up a nice little 10% off carrot.

Now, here’s where I think there’s some room for improvement.

An exit-intent offer is a great way to save the sale and get your prospect's permission to email them.

But keep in mind, the first email you send to new subscribers is the most important.

Your new subscribers are looking for that discount or exit intent offer you promised them.

So your first email will get the most attention… the highest open rate... and if you do things right the highest click-through rate…

… which is why you want to do a little more than just send some pretty pictures and your discount code.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing what sets your brand apart in your opening email.

But if you can reveal that brand statement in a short story creates a bond with your prospect, that’s even better.

You can even send out your “welcome email” seconds before you send your discount code email. (A two-for-oner!)

This gives you two cracks at delivering some compelling, win-the-sale-worthy email content...

And this strategy will also help you create the start of a nice little new subscriber onboarding sequence.

See how that works?

All right.

Let’s round this breakdown out by reviewing the key takeaways.

  • Retargeting works - Getting in front of the people who were just shopping on your website, and bringing them back is almost always the most ROI-positive marketing you can do. It’s worth paying-to-play with Facebook ads to reach these potential customers.
  • You don’t have to go-to hardcore with the copy in your retargeting Ads. (These prospects are already interested). Yet a few well-chosen words can make your offer feel new, exclusive, and timely.
  • The tighter the fit between the offer in your ad and your landing, the better your offer will convert. In general, it’s smart to adhere to the one product per landing page rule.
  • ALWAYS have an exit-intent email capture in place. Otherwise, you’re letting 97% (or more) of the traffic you paid for wander back to Facebook... and away from you forever.
  • Once your prospect has given you permission to email them, make it count. Deliver on your exit-intent offer. But also give your new subscribers a welcome they won’t forget.

What did you think of today’s full funnel breakdown?

 Was it helpful? Did you find any nuggets of marketing goodness you can borrow and use in your ad campaigns?

If you would be so kind… chime in with a comment below and let me know how you liked today’s breakdown👇


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