Remember the first time you saw the Ginsu knife cut an aluminum can in half? 

Or when you saw the ShamWow suck up a whole can of soda off a shag carpet?

Those are just a couple of examples of product demonstrations that had viral sales appeal.

And while hyped-up infomercial-style advertising may be a relic of the 80s and 90s…

product demonstration is still one of the most effective ways to sell.

In today’s breakdown, we’re going to look at a simple under-hyped product demo that isn’t just visually engaging.

This ad takes the product demo to the next level by stimulating three of your five senses.

Also, as usual, we’ll go beyond the ad itself and see what we can learn from the funnel that supports it.

Make sure to stick with me for this whole funnel breakdown.

Because when we go deep into this funnel, we’ll uncover some “responsive” sales technology that can pump up your average order value!

So, grab your favorite beverage. (I recommend coffee or whiskey.) Settle in and get ready for a back crackin’ good edition of Full Funnel Nudity.

But, before we get down to business, here’s a quick reminder about…

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Can you hear how good that feels?

There are a lot of traditional ways to use product demonstration in your advertising.

You can show your product in action. You can show how it’s made.

You can even show “random people on the street” using your product and then interview those folks to capture their candid feedback. (Kind of like Joe Sugarman did in his famous Blue Blockers ads.)

But if you want to truly show off what makes your product unique or better than the alternatives…

… You have to think differently

Which is what the advertiser for the Chirp Wheel did.

In fact, they couldn’t show what makes their product superior.

So instead, they decided to let you hear it!

Check out this ad, and you’ll hear what I mean:

Did you hear that? Could you feel it when you heard it?

I could.

And I bet anyone else who’s ever had a sore or tight back could feel relief when they heard that ad.

I do have to say… I am not sure I want my spine cracking like hot popcorn kernels.

But there are few sounds that trigger the desire for a total body release the way good back cracking does. (We won’t discuss the other sounds in that category in this blog post.)

Also, the brilliant thing about this ad is the way it positions the product.

This ad communicates one thing above all else – The Chirp Wheel is THE product that will give you “back cracking” relief.

From now on, when I think about back cracking, I will think of the Chirp Wheel.

The ad and the sensation are linked.

And as an advertiser, that’s exactly the outcome you want!

Scroll Stopping Proof

One of the best reasons to use product demonstration in your advertising is it provides proof your product does what you say it will do.

It’s the old “seeing is believing” adage.

But the Chirp Wheel ad goes beyond just showing proof.

They’ve made hearing their “proof” the hook for their ad.

Consider the opening scene in this ad, and you’ll see what I am getting at.

The ad opens on a shot of a dude draped in sound equipment wiring, holding a boom mike between two people using back massagers.

And the backdrop for this scene is a picturesque mountain setting.

If you think about this, none of it makes sense.

Why are they outside? Why not shoot this in a soundproof studio? And is the fuzzy boom mic really needed?

I am not a sound engineer, but I am guessing none of the aforementioned elements are necessary.

There’s a clear advertising strategy behind everything in this video.

The opening shot for this ad is a visual form of the CSC hook.

The elements in the shot… a dude holding a boom mic between two people using rolly massagers… fire off a curiosity trigger in your brain.

Before you know it, you’re watching the ad to figure out what it’s all about.

The second you’ve figured it out, you hear the back cracking. Then you’re hooked.

Another thing to notice about the ad is how often the boom mic is in the shot.

The reason the boom mic is so frequently visible is to keep up the appearance of authenticity.

Even if you think the back cracking sounds are just a gimmick…

subliminally, your brain is hearing, seeing, and believing.

And the advertiser’s message is penetrating.

How NOT to bring your ad traffic home…

Speaking of penetrating, I think it’s about time to talk about what happens after you click on this ad.

I have no way of knowing what type of landing pages the advertiser has tested and what they haven’t. And I have no data about their conversion rate.

So my criticism of this part of their funnel is strictly based on experience.

That said, in my experience, sending your ad traffic to your home page is a good way to kill your conversion rate.

I am not saying there’s anything wrong with Chirp Wheel’s home page. From a direct response perspective, it’s a damn good home page!

But the thing is that, like most home pages, this home page has a LOT going on.

There’s an interactive slider, and product choices, and videos, and menus.

All these choices and flashy options are more likely to overwhelm the prospect than they are to clinch the sale.

With that in mind, here are the basic rules for landing pages and ad traffic:

  • If you think your traffic is warm enough to buy after seeing your ad… send them to your product page.
  • If you think you need to warm your traffic up a little more post ad click… send them to dedicated pre-sales.

The advantage of sending your traffic to a product page is straightforward. On the product page, your prospect is one click away from purchase.

The reason to send your traffic to a dedicated pre-sales page is to give them all the info they need to make a purchase decision… without overwhelming them with other products, options, or choices.

In this case, the Chirp Wheel has some solid product pages.

All the necessary conversion elements are there: Product Details, Shipping Details, Guarantee, Social Proof, FAQs, etc.

Once again, I don’t know the numbers behind the advertising.

But it would seem to make more sense to send the traffic to the product page.

Moving on, here’s the part of this funnel that really got me fired up…

Responsive AOV increasing Order Bumps!!

If there’s one thing I love about this funnel, it’s the responsive order bumps.

What is a responsive order bump?

Well, it’s like a normal order bump

… hold on, let me back up here.

Just so we’re on the same page, here’s what an order bump is...

An order bump is a complementary product that you offer pre-check out.

For example, in this funnel, if you add the “12” Gentle Chirp Wheel” to your cart before you check out… then they offer a 4 oz tube of muscle cream at a limited-time discount.

The muscle cream is the order bump.

BUT… and this is where things get cool… if you add the “Chirp Wheel Three Pack” to your cart, the order bump changes.

Instead of a $10 tube of muscle cream, the order bump offer on the “Three Pack” is an additional wheel, valued at $30, so you can round out your set.

And, if you go for the mother load, the “Ultimate Neck and Back Bundle,” then the order bump is a $60 yoga mat.

Why have different order bumps for different products?

Well, because people who add higher-priced items to their cart are more likely to choose more pricey add-ons.

It comes down to this… people who spend more are likely to spend even more given the option.

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How can you add order bumps to your site?

If I am correct, the app this funnel is using to add pre-checkout order bumps is Zipify.

Zipify calls this responsive order bump feature a “pre-check out upsell.”

Although it doesn’t really make a difference, I take issue with the naming convention.

An upsell is something that happens after the initial transaction.

Order bumps occur pre-checkout.


Because the takeaway away here is that order bumps are a simple yet powerful way to pump up your AOV.

According to my go-to authority on this subject, master funnel builder John Ainsworth:

“Order Bumps typically increase revenue by 10 to 20%."

Imagine that!

You can increase your revenue by simply giving people the option to take advantage of add-ons that you already have in your store.

If you can swing it, I’d highly advise you to experiment with Zipify’s pre-purchase upsell order bump feature.

I don’t have any first-hand experience with Zipify.

But I know order bumps work.

And I am willing to bet dollars to dildos that this responsive order bump feature will pump up your average cart value.


So, we examined a market cornering product demo ad.

We talked about landing page rules.

And we dissected some killer order bumps.

I am gonna say we covered everything there is to talk about in this funnel.

“But, but, but, Kyle…

What about the Emails?

For once, I am not going to talk about emails.


Because this funnel’s email game is solid.

They had an exit-intent triggered email opt-in.

They delivered a prompt welcome email with a solid marketing message and a nice little testimonial feature.

And they kept their emails coming.

Sure there are some technical and strategic optimizations they could make in their welcome email sequence.

But they have the core pieces in place.

So you know what? 

In this edition of FFN… even though we kind of just did… we’re not gonna talk about the emails.

Instead, I think it is more important to focus on the….

 Key Takeaways:

  • When you use product demonstration in your ads, the goal isn’t just to show off your product… it’s to display your product’s Dominant Selling Advantage.
  • The most compelling product demos engage more than just their prospect’s eyes. Try to use sight and sound in your product demos to trigger other senses as well. If you can see and hear it, you can often feel it too!
  • To turn your product demo into a scroll-stopping ad, consider doing this: 1) Open your ad at the height of the action 2) Put something in the shot that seems out of place. This little bit of mystery will make your prospect curious. And that curiosity will lead to interest.
  • There are two rules for landing pages. 1) If your ad traffic isn’t warm enough to buy yet, send them to a presell page. 2) If your ad traffic is warm enough to buy, send them to your product page.
  • Order bumps work. They increase your AOV. Use them. If you have the product range, use responsive order bumps.
  • If you invest money in traffic, then you should also have exit-intent email capture in place.
  • If you’re in need of good back crackin’, get yourself a Chirp Wheel.

That concludes another deep kneading edition of Full Funnel Nudity.

What did you think of this edition?

Did it give you the relief you were hoping for?

Or are you sorely in need of more?

Chime in with a comment below and let me know what you thought of Edition #6.


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