As an advertiser, it’s a dream when you get to promote a product that’s made for marketing.

When I say “made for marketing,” I am talking about a product that clearly solves a common problem.

And it solves that problem in a simple, unique, and desirable way. These types of products make an advertiser's job about ten times easier. Because when you combine that product with some catchy copy and some conversion optimization….

you’ve got yourself a basic 2-step money-maker funnel.

In today’s breakdown, we’ll examine such a funnel.  We’ll take a look at both its parts — the ad that feeds it and the landing page that sells it. And, of course, I’ll call out the nuances that will help you replicate this funnel in your own advertising.

But before we open that barrel of monkeys…

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The trick to creating ads that “call it what it is.”

Oftentimes as an advertiser, you have to delve deep within your prospect’s psyche to discover your best ad copy.

You have to unpack all their hopes, dreams, fears, and childhood traumas to truly understand what will grab their attention.

Other times… you don’t have to do any of that bull shit!

Because the product you’re advertising is so novel that all you have to do to attract the right prospect is “call it what it is.”

The ad we're looking at today is most definitely in the “call it what it is” category. 

Solgaard Endeavor Facebook Ad

This ad simply, clearly, and quickly shows off what the product does.

But that doesn’t mean the advertiser didn’t do any work here.

There is still some well-crafted copy in this ad that helps define this product's place in the market.

Solgaard Facebook Ad Copy

“The backpack with a built-in closet.”

It may not seem like it at first glance, but that right there is some powerful copy.

In fact (and I don’t know that this hasn’t been tested), this is the copy I would also feature in the creative.

Reason being, that copy describes the solution to the prospect’s problem.  It also defines their status, and it gives them a reason to purchase.

I can tell without a doubt when (not if) I buy one of these bags, and my wife asks me why I bought it when I already have a backpack…

… I will say, “it has a built-in closet.”

As someone who likes to travel light, hates unpacking and hates a messy pack…

… in six words — “the backpack with a built-in closet” — this advertiser is speaking my “love” language.

And I guarantee you, because I have read the comments on this ad, that I am not alone.

So to put a bow on this part of our funnel breakdown…

Here’s how you’ll know when and if you can use “call it what it is” copy…

Is the solution the product delivers novel?

Is that solution easy to understand?

Is the solution the
mechanism that gives the product an advantage over its competitors?

If you can answer “yes” to those three questions, you can probably use “call it what it is copy” as your lead to sell your product.

And when it comes to figuring out what to call it… if it’s not immediately obvious (which oftentimes it’s not)...

…put your product in the hands of a few dozen consumers.

Listen to the words they use to describe the product. Take note of the questions they ask. That should allow you to spot some trends that you can copy-test.

Alright, now that I’ve beat the stuffing out of this simple concept, let’s move on to the second part of this funnel.

The "Show Your Money Maker" Product Page

One of the common funnel failure points in e-commerce is the product page.

At some point, somewhere, some e-commerce platform developer decided that product pages should feature what's important to the brand rather than what’s important to the consumer.

They probably did this to dumb down the effort it takes to launch an e-commerce store.

But it’s set e-commerce back decades when it comes to conversion-focused marketing.

Case-in-point, this product page that’s currently (in the year 2023) being used by one of online retail’s behemoths, Target.

Target Product Page Example

After looking at this product page, I have not a single fucking shred of a clue about what makes this backpack unique, interesting, or desirable.

Maybe the answer is nothing. But there’s usually something, even if it’s just the price.

Yet this type of product page is the standard in e-commerce. The page shows the product’s name, which typically means nothing to the consumer. It shows some pics. Some standard reviews. And a “buy now” button.

That's all you need, right?

Sure, if you don’t want to convert anyone but the absolute bottom-of-the-funnel, ready-to-buy customer.

On the other hand, if you’re in the business of turning cold traffic into brand fans…

Let’s take a look at how to do that using a similar layout where page elements are more consumer-focused instead of brand focused.

Here’s the product landing page that the ad in this funnel sends traffic to.

Solgaard Product Page

Do you see some immediate differences?

I do.

The mechanism that makes the product attractive is featured in the product headline.

Solgaard Product Page Headline

I am betting this page would convert even better if the headline led with the “built-in closet” concept. But at least it’s there.

Also, the pictures show what the product actually does.

Maybe most important of all, you don’t have to search for the product copy!

It’s front and center.

And the first sentence affirms what the ad taught the prospect about the product.

Once again, this copy could do a slightly better job of educating and wooing the consumer.

But it does the most important job well.

Last but not least, you’ve got all the “feel good” about your order messaging right where it should be — under the add-to-cart button.

Solgaard Add-to-Cart Elements

Okay, so we can wrap things up there because no one scrolls below the fold, right?

Yeah, not a chance.

While it’s true on most product pages that less than 20% of visitors scroll below the first screen…

… Who do you think those people are who read further?

If you said “your most interested potential customers,” you would be right!

And that is why it’s important we continue this tour.

What belongs below the fold?

Before we delve a little deeper into this product page, I’ll offer this word of caution.

I am not going to dissect the entire page.


Because, one, I don’t want to.

Two, rather than go into information overload, I prefer to focus on two things I think we can all emulate in our marketing.

You can check out the rest of the page here.

Solgaard Product Page below the fold

It’s got a lot of good stuff…case examples, social spoofs, FAQS, and reviews.

However, I want to turn your attention to two things below the fold that are less than standard on e-commerce product pages.

These two areas are what you might call conversion lifters.

Two Powerful “Conversion Lifters”

Because if you can get your prospect to absorb them, your conversion rate is going to grow!

The first conversion-lifting section I want to focus on is this one:

Solgaard- why we made it

“Why We Made It.”

This is one of those little bits of copy that shows your prospect you care about them.

It takes them behind the scenes of your product development.

It shows the intention you had when you built your product and that every feature was scrutinized in the process of true innovation.

It shows care and craftsmanship, two things any consumer will buy into.

Then, here’s the second conversion lifter:

Solgaard Product Page Conversion Lifter #2

If the prospect is still mulling over the idea of buying a pack that doubles as a closet organizer…

… this spells out the true benefit and seals the deal.

You could even make a good case for testing this as the lead in the ad.

Either way,  this section re-sells the BIG IDEA that earned the prospect's click using slightly different wording than the front-end ad.

Which is why it works!

It seems like another benefit, yet it really is just a different way to explain the big idea.

The takeaway is when you’re conversion optimizing your product pages, add a clincher or two (like this one) below the fold.

Alrighty then… we are just about done here… but before we wrap up, let’s recap:

How to build a two-step “Show Your Money Maker” Funnel

  • It starts with “call it what it is” ad copy. Once you've honed in on your product’s novel solution, build your ad and funnel around that concept.
  • Don’t forget to show it! Your ad creative and copy should work hand-in-hand, everything calling attention to the product’s novel solution.
  • Build your product page with your prospect in mind. Feature your novel solution in the headline and the very first visuals your prospect sees.
  • Below the fold is valuable real estate. Take the prospect behind the scenes of the solution you created for them. And have at least one clincher that re-sells the primary benefit your product provides.
  • Last of all, don't overthink it. Some products are made for advertising. So put the product front and center and show off that money maker!

OK, all done!

You like?

You don’t like?

Let me know in the comments below!


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