Sometimes the formula for a great ad is as simple as this:

The Truth + A Bold New Promise.

The ad we’ll dissect in this edition of Full Funnel Nudity pulls off this formula with precision.

Not only that, this advertisers one-page funnel is a masterclass in how to convert the best possible type of customer you can.

If you want to see the recipe behind a simple funnel that’s packed with nutritious profit-boosting ingredients… then follow along.

But before we get cooking, a quick reminder about what happens in this kitchen....

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When and why it pays to increase the sophistication of your advertising

In Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz describes how the five stages of market sophistication affect advertising.

At 4th stage of sophistication, the product category that defines a market has been well advertised, and the intended audience has seen many ads.

They understands how and why the category of products works and what those products are for.

So, making a bold benefit-based promise in an ad, like “12 hours of focused energy in a single serving,” won’t work.

The audience has been saturated with benefit-based promises.

At the 4th stage of sophistication, the audience has also been pummeled with “mechanism based” advertising.

Statements like “Natural ingredients without fillers or toxins” may be true, but they are no longer powerful enough to get the audience’s attention. These claims are old news.

At this advanced stage of market sophistication, what can you do to win back an audience's attention?

You combine the product’s mechanism with a bold new promise that the audience has never heard before.

And that’s exactly what Ka'Chava did with this ad for the nutritional supplement powder:

Kachava Facebook Ad

There is one line of copy that makes this ad bolder and more intriguing than its competitors.

This line of copy invites the audience to learn more.

It makes them think, “How is that possible? Is this something new and better I haven’t heard of before?”

Do you see which line of copy it is?

It’s this one:

Kachava Power Copy

Do you see how if you removed these two words, “85 Superfoods”... (or rather number and one word)… this ad is similar to just about every other claim in the supplement drink market?

However, with these two words, Ka'Chava’s claim becomes something new, something big and more powerful than the rest of the market can offer.

And until the rest of the market can figure out how to catch up, Ka'Chava becomes the new leader.

Two words change the market and the audience’s expectations for this category of products.

That, my friend, is some exceptionally powerful copywriting. (My hat’s off to the advertisers who drafted it!)

But that’s not all Ka'Chava cooked up that makes this funnel a winner.

Focus on the right customers and repel the wrong ones

The more I help my clients with their advertising, the more I realize not every conversion is created equal.

Once you have a winning ad that you can rely on to pull traffic, the focus shifts to earning high-quality conversions.

For example, consider a customer who places a single order, complains about the product, and then requests a refund.

That’s not a good conversion.

This customer costs money to advertise to, money to convert, and money to service. And they cost even more money when you wind up returning or refunding their order.

You’re better off repelling these customers than you are attracting them.

On the other hand, there are customers who buy from you again and again and again.

These are the customers who allow your business to thrive.

It increases conversion costs when you focus on selling only to quality customers.

But ultimately, it’s a profit-wise move.

Now, I can’t speak to who Ka'Chava's model customer is. I can only guess.

What I can say is that they have what one could refer to as a…

Profit-Wise Product Page

Here’s what I mean…

The typical product page is 100% focused on inviting the customer to order a single unit of the product.

This focus makes sense for most products.

Yet, if you have a refillable product like Ka'Chava does, it might not.

Instead, it’s far better business to focus on converting customers who are willing to subscribe to refills.

Case in point: the suggested order on this product page.

Kachava Product Page

They are putting the focus on subscription orders…

… so much so that if you add a one-time order to your cart, you are met with a compelling pop-up that seeks to convince you why a subscription is a much better buy.

Kachava Order Pop-Up

Is this mid-order pop-up pitch annoying or rude?

I suppose some customers might feel that way.

But if they do, they are probably not the right customers.

Remember, advertising comes at a cost. You have to spend money to get a customer. When you get the wrong customer, you spend more money.

When you get the right one, you make money over and over again.

Hence, the reason this is a superb profit-wise product page.

The other thing to point out here is this page acts as a… 

One-Page Funnel 

Because of the way the offer is presented, it’s like a single transaction upsell.

In fact, it's almost like you have to downsell yourself if you want to opt out of the subscription in favor of a one time purchase.

Kachava Product Page

This is not the norm, even for subscription-based products.

It’s bold.

But hey, there’s nothing more sexy than confidence.

I’d much rather buy from a company that’s confident about who they are and what they sell than one that’s needy for my business.

All the Right Proof

The other thing to love about this product page is how it supports the big idea in the ad.

I’ve talked about this before in previous breakdowns, yet I can’t say it enough.

The messaging on your product page should support and reinforce what your audience learned in your ad.

No divergent messaging whatsoever.

The transitions from your ad to your product page should be seamless.

And this product page does that.

Kachava 85 Superfoods

Heck, they even took the nutritional information from their packaging and put that on the product page as a show of proof.

Kachava Ingredients

Key Takeaways

Top to bottom, from ad to product page to pop-ups, this is a simple yet smart, profit-wise funnel.

Let’s quickly recap what we learned from it:

  • Market sophistication matters: understand which claims your audience has already heard. Figure out how to make yours different. Sometimes, it only takes two words to change the market.

  • Design your product page to attract your best customers and repel your worst. Good customers add value and profit. Bad ones subtract it.
  • Show the right proof. Your product page needs to show that the promise in your ad is true. Don’t rely on pictures and testimonials alone to seal the deal. Show the facts that back up your claims.

All right, we exposed the winning ingredients in today’s funnel.

Kudos to the folks at Ka'Chava

Their marketing made me thirsty.

What did you think?

Are there elements of the Everything (On One Page) All At Once Funnel you can use in your own marketing?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this, the 13th Edition of Full Funnel Nudity. 


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