There are quite a few different monikers I could have bestowed upon the Funnel we’re dissecting today…

… the Confident Funnel

… the Email First Funnel

… the Pre-Order Power Funnel


Yet, when you see a simple DTC funnel that’s this well executed, there’s one thing you know for sure…

It’s piling up the conversions.

And you’ll see why when we get into this breakdown.

But first, just in case you are a new FFN reader, let’s catch you up on what we do ‘round here. After all, I wouldn’t want you to get in so deep you can’t turn back without giving you fair warning.

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What’s your bag, baby?

It’s not always easy to find an emotional hook for an ordinary product. For instance, take a product like a gym bag.

Who gets excited about organizing their gym clothes?

Hardcore workout addicts, that’s who!

Listen, I hate going to the gym.

But I know people who don’t just love it… their life depends on it.

Two hours a day in the gym is the serenity that holds their life together.

And they don’t want anything to mess with that serenity.

Not a missing sneaker. Not a forgotten weight belt. And most definitely not a misplaced protein bar. 

Any of those problems could seriously fuck up their day and cause a full-fledged panic attack somewhere down the line.

Which is dangerous for the rest of us. No one wants to wind up being the person who accidentally snags an under-exercised musclehead's Starbucks order.

Understanding just how important it is to have all your gear organized as it should be when it’s time to get that pump in is what makes this ad from Haven Athletics so damn good. 

The value of living in your prospect’s world

I’ve talked about this in past breakdowns, but nothing can replace the value of living in your target customers’ world.

You can do market research for months. Yet without first-hand experience, you might never know what it feels like to rush across town to the gym only to discover your workout isn’t going to happen because you left your CrossFit shorts at the office.

However, once you see that feeling spelled out perfectly in an ad like this one, I bet you can relate.

You can live in that feeling.

Heck, when I see the ad above, I can literally feel the anxiety rush through my body so damned hard it makes me want this bag.

Also, an ad like this shows the customer, in three words (one hyphenated), that the advertiser lives in their world.

They aren’t outsiders trying to swipe the customer’s hard-earned Bitcoin.

They are insiders. Peers even.

Create a market advantage in three words or less

The other thing an ad like this does is create an unfair advantage

While other gym bag companies are yammering about fabrics, special compartments, carry straps, and all that bullshit, this advertiser is carving out a niche.

“The Anti-Anxiety Bag.”

They’ve claimed it. They own it.

The lesson is to strip your marketing down to the most raw and overwhelming emotion you can associate with your product.

Getting this base with your marketing is not easy to do.

People have been advertising gym bags for decades. 

Yet, I’ve never seen anyone refer to one of them as an “anti-anxiety bag.”

Now that I have, there’s only one product in this category that I’ll associate with that message.

If you can do the same for your product, you can carve out a significant market advantage in your niche.

Winners get emails

I’ve got the bonafides (i.e., not photoshopped screenshots) to prove I’m an email marketing genius.

If I were given one weapon in the marketing world, I’d take an email list.

Yet, there are situations, where even I pull back on email a bit.

One of those situations is when I have a straight earner of an ad that sends traffic directly to a product or collection page. 

In that case, I like to let my hot-to-buy shopper get a look at the wares before I drop an email opt-in on them. Seems wise, doesn’t it?

Then again, maybe, like John Snow, I know nothing.

Because in this funnel, Haven Athletic meets its shoppers at the door with this opt-in!

I said, goddamned… that's a smart opt-in strategy.

If you don't see why, let me tell ya.

Their ad is dialed. (And yes, I checked; it’s their longest-running ad. I would be straight-up shocked if it was not pushing a tidy ROAS.)

Any shopper clicking through on this ad is primed.

So this merchant could let their shopper click around the store…

… Instead, they come in hot with a killer offer in exchange for an email address…

... Which is a win-win-win.

The shopper gets an almost too-good-to-pass-up deal.

The merchant gets a new email subscriber and, more than likely, a new customer at the same time.

This funnel trades off a little bit of AOV for a shit ton of LTV.

All I can say is… nicely done. 

I learned something here today.

But the lesson is not over yet…

Pre-Order Conversion Booster

Like a lot of products in the post-covid supply chain world, including several I’m helping to market, this bag is on pre-order…

… meaning it’s sold out until more come in.

These days, for hot products, I feel like we live in a pre-order world.

Buy it before it hits the warehouse or you might not get it.

And, it’s important to communicate that message to the shopper without being pushy.

Haven Athletic does something I’ve never seen before (but am now going to copy) to show potential customers why it’s so important to pre-order.

Do you see that green box below the price?

It shows the shopper that the last round of pre-orders sold out.

And they are taking orders for the next round of inventory now.

It’s a tactful and visual way of saying, “Get it early, or maybe you don’t get it all.”

In the biz, we refer to little visual aids like this as “conversion boosters.”

JK, no one says that. 

And if I said that in front of the CRO agency I work with, I am certain I would be the subject of memes behind my back.

Well, “meme me up Scotty!”

Because it 100% is a CONVERSION BOOSTER.

Moving on…

3 Reasons Why You Should Share Three Reasons

Another theme of FFN breakdowns is calling attention to “three reasons why” proof.

Why are “Three Reasons Why” product features so effective?

I’ll give you three reasons.

One, people are conditioned to think in patterns of three from a young age.

Two, because of this lifelong cerebral conditioning,” three reasons” appeals to our senses.

Three, because of reasons one and two (which are really the same reasons), “three reasons why” works.

Close the deal with a Before and After Slider

I’ve seen these visual “before and after” sliders on a lot of product pages lately.

These sliders are a powerful and interactive way to show your shopper the tangible outcome of your product.

So, if you can, use them. They are deal-closers.

Recapping The “Conversion Master” Funnel

With all the screenshots, and rambling, and advertising-envy out of the way…

.. Let’s quickly recap the main takeaways from this funnel.

  • There’s no better advertising research than living in your customers' world.

  • If you want to carve out a niche in your market that you own, find the most untapped raw, visceral emotion you can associate with your product. Then, simplify that emotion down to as few words as possible.
  • If you have a dynamite opt-in offer, lead with it. Don’t save it for later when your shopper is about to click away. Instead, meet them at the door with it. If you’re good at scaling LTV, you can afford to give up a little AOV.
  • Pre-ordering is a difficult equation in most people’s brains. “Money now for product later?” So, show your shoppers why pre-ordering makes sense. Let them see WHY pre-ordering now is their best choice.
  • Support your product with “3 Reasons Why” proof. Our brains like this proof. It works. Use it.
  • An interactive slider is a great way to make the outcome your product delivers tangible.

All right, your turn to chime in.

What did you think of this edition of Full Funnel Nudity?

Leave a comment below and let me know if you saw what you came to see.


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