How many downsells should your funnel include?

One? Two? Three? 

The answer:

You’ll find out in this edition of Full Funnel Nudity.

Because today we are going inside a funnel that downsells so well… well, the downsells just keep coming.

And that’s not all this funnel has that you’ll want to see.

From the ad to that landing page, we’ll look at how this advertiser uses two powerful buying triggers to ignite demand.

If you’re ready to absorb some new techniques that will help your marketing machine gush with sales….

.. relax, slip into your finest sweatpants, and enjoy the latest edition of Full Funnel Nudity.

BTDUBS: if you’re new around here, just so you’re forewarned, here’s…

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Why the best ad writers are also mechanics…

One of the most powerful things an ad can have is a mechanism.

In ad writing, your mechanism is the way in which you show your prospect how your solution is different or unique from any other option on the market.

Take, for example, the ad we are breaking down today from Sutera Sleep.

This ad is for a stone bath mat.

A stone bath mat is not necessarily new or unique.

But you know what is?

A Fossil bath mat.

It’s a curious thing, right? Why make a bath mat out of fossils?

That question displays the power of a unique mechanism.

The first job of your mechanism is to inspire curiosity.

Because curiosity is a path to attention.

However, stimulating curiosity isn’t the only thing your mechanism needs to do.

It needs to show how your product is different and superior to its alternatives.

Essentially your mechanism is like an ultra-slippery slope from curiosity to awareness to desire.

You can see how this advertiser used that slippery slope to create desire for their non-slip bath mat.

But this ad doesn’t just use its mechanism to attract prospects.

It combines the mechanism with maybe the single most persuasive buying trigger there is — disgust.

In fact, if you break down the copy in this ad, there are really two components: mechanism and disgust.

Yes, there are some benefity words sprinkled in there.

But the allure of the pitch all comes from the mechanism (a fossil bath mat)... and… disgust (no more gross, soggy, slippery bathroom floor).

It’s superb copy that leverages two techniques to keep the message short, direct, and desirable.

An Unforgettable Landing

The human brain likes facts.

Facts feel like truth.

They also feel like knowledge.

And a little bit of knowledge can be extremely effective when you’re trying to leave a lasting impression in your prospect’s mind.

This advertiser's landing page does a brilliant job of using a fascinating fact to grab attention… open a curiosity loop… and show the need for their product.

Can’t you just see yourself repeating this headline at a cocktail party?

“Did you know that every year 190,000 Americans go ass over tea kettle on their wet bathroom floors?”

That’ll either spark or diffuse the conversation depending on who you’re chatting with.

Moving on…

The thing to admire here is the construction of the headline complex.

If you break it down, the formula looks like this:

It’s impressive and effective.

Also, as you see the number of benefits packed into the pitch on the landing page, you’ll notice all the benefits stem from the mechanism.

The technique deployed here makes it easy for the prospect to arrive at the conclusion the advertiser wants them to.

“Cloth bath mats are dangerous and gross.”

“Fossil bath mats are safe, clean, and elegant.”

This is how the use of mechanism can package your selling message.

The mechanism is the solution to all the prospects' unwanted problems, including ones they didn’t even know they had.

And it also offers benefits that competing products don’t.

While there’s a lot to love about how this landing page delivers it’s novel and benefit packed selling message, there’s also…

One thing that's missing!

What is that one thing?

If you guessed exit-intent email pop-up, then you're a bigger marketing nerd than me — congrats!

And you’re correct.

I know I droned on about this in past issues of FFN

… But I can’t help it.

If you’re gonna throw ad dollars at a landing page, you're wasting money if you don’t have an exit intent opt-in.

Because that simple little opt-in could be stocking your email list with warm leads who are just a few messages away from a purchase.

Maybe the problem here is the advertiser doesn’t have an expert email copywriter on staff?

If that’s the case, I know a dude who can write as good an email welcome sequence as any.

He’s a bit weird, but he’ll get the job done.

With that bit of self promotion out of the way, let’s get back on track here and go buy some bathmats!

How to double your average order value without an “upsell”

The order page in this funnel is a clinic in sealing the deal.

They lead with a reminder of all the benefits this product delivers.

But then they do something bold.

Instead of doing what most of us do, and just try to make sure the prospects click the damn order button…

They go big!

They offer a discount on double orders of the bath mats right off the bat.

And why not.

When you have an unbeatable product, and you’ve positioned your value proposition as well as they have… you can afford to be bold.

Also, most people buying a $60 bath mat have more than one bathroom

So it makes sense to offer up two.

If your product is in a similar position, consider presenting your check out this way.

You’ll want to test how it affects your conversion rate.

If it works, it could skyrocket your average order value.

It's a beautiful use of pacing, writing technique, and design that builds suspense, trust and desire all at the same time.

How many Downsells should you have?

All right… so I had to spring for one of these mats. Admittedly, I am a bit of a germaphobe. And wet funky bath mats are gross.

Plus, this funnel is so good I wanted to see what was behind the purchase.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Because after buying my brand new “Fossil bath mat,” I was presented with not one…

Not two...

Not three...

Not four...

Not five...

... BUT SIX downsells!!

Now — I am betting some people believe this is overkill.

I don’t.

I believe it’s excellent marketing.

Reason being, there’s almost no downside to it.

All six downsells are great offers.

They get better the further down you go.

And even though I didn’t take any of the downsells, they’ve introduced me to two new products.

They’ve planted the seeds of need!

From there, they can nurture any interest I have in those products through advertising and email marketing.

Good stuff!

And with that we are down to the end of this edition of Full Funnel Nudity.

As usual, before we get out of here, let’s recap the knowledge we gained:

The key takeaways

  • Effective use of advertising mechanisms inspires curiosity… AND… more importantly, it sets your product apart from your competitors.
  • The combination of mechanism and disgust in your ad copy is a powerful one-two punch.
  • People like facts. If you have one that displays the need for your product, try working it into your headline.
  • The answer to the question “How many downsells should you have?” is “more.”
  • I have now purchased an ear wax cleaner and a bath mat in the interest of this publication. I am a bit worried about what my Facebook feed will look like for the next 12 months!

That wraps up edition #9 of Full Funnel Nudity.

What do you think?

Did this one stand out?

Or did it, like 190,000 Americans do every year, fall down with a wet soggy thud?

Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I have to assume that those SIX down sells were page clicks apart (as opposed to all on one page). That being the case, it would have been so aggravating to me not to just be able to check out I honestly would have closed out altogether. They may all be very logical offers but trying again and again and again and again and again to skim a few more bucks like that is ridiculous and, quite frankly, disrespectful to the customer. After the 5th try you'd be left wondering if you'll ever actually make it to the payment page.

    That said, I do enjoy the break downs you put on here.

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