If you want to sell a LOT of consumer products, disgust is a great way to do it.

I am NOT talking about the type of disgust that happens when your dog craps on the carpet.

Us vs Them Marketing disgust

I am talking about disgust with “the alternative.”

Triggering disgust when marketing your products or services is one of the most effective advertising strategies and brand loyalty tactics. But more importantly, it also creates tribalism in consumer behavior.

Imagine this: you're faced with a choice between two products. One promises quality, freshness, and authenticity, while the other... well, let's just say it falls short. Suddenly, you're not just making a purchase – you're choosing a side in the marketplace.

When you disgust people with the alternative to your product, you force them to make a choice that runs deeper than purchasing a product. 

You force them to choose sides in the marketplace. Are they on the side of…

  • Revolution or the status quo?

  • New or old?

  • Quality or Cheap?

And if you can show that your brand aligns with your target customers' values, you become their hero, while the “other guys” become the villain.

Here are three comparative advertising examples that are disgustingly good at triggering consumer emotions and creating brand advocates among your audience.

Us vs Them Marketing Example #1: Wild Alaskan Salmon

Us Vs Them Marketing: Wild Alaskan Salmon sample

The picture pitting the bright red wild salmon against the stale gray grocery store variety is eye-catching enough to stop the scroll.

Also, a little bit of copy of “Possible Added Dyes and Preservatives” goes a long way in this ad.

Typically, you don’t want to use indefinite qualifiers in your copy because they weaken your message.

But the work the word “possible” is doing here is planting a seed of doubt in the consumer's brain.

It’s communicating that any time the consumer eats grocery store salmon, they could be ingesting junk they don't want.

Hot Tip: This is a great example of a case where using a qualifier like “almost,” “can,” or “possible” will land more punch than an absolute because it feels true.

On to the next ad…

Us vs Them Marketing Example #2: Hostage Tape

Hostage Tape Ad

What I like about this one is that it’s not doing anything sophisticated.

It’s a classic "Us vs. Them" marketing play.

For people in the market for sleep tape (whatever that is), this ad will likely catch their attention and force them to consider what they do and don’t want.

In doing so, it’s likely to sell a lot of bottom-of-the-funnel consumers.

Finally, we’ve got my favorite.

Us vs Them Marketing Example #3: Ditch Your Vans

Flux Footwear Ad

This ad has one thing the other two are missing.

An aggressive hook.

Ditch Your Vans

That hook is going to catch the attention of three camps of people.

People who love Vans.

People who hate Vans.

And anyone who’s heard of Vans.

Caption: And them

That’s a HUGE audience.

Not all of those people are going to swing to the side of the advertiser.

After all, Vans is a well-established billion-dollar brand. It's a brand that’s done a masterful job selling counterculture to the mainstream.

But going after them is a brilliant move.

If you can pull off an “Us vs. Them” ad that goes after the big dogs in your market…

…. that’s a powerful way to stake your claim and rally a tribe to your side. 

Disgust your way to your consumers’ hearts with these disgustingly effective tactics!

Using "Us vs. Them" marketing and comparing products is like having a secret superpower in the world of advertising. 

It's all about making people feel excited and passionate about choosing your product over others. 

Whether it's showing how awesome your product is or challenging big brands, these tricks can help your brand become your target customer’s superhero. So, next time you're creating an ad, think about how you can make it fun and exciting – and you might just become a marketing superhero yourself!

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